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On Wednesday, August 19 at 10:30 a.m. join AARP Kansas and the Better Business Bureau for a free webinar and learn how to protect yourself and your family online. Small steps make a difference in using the internet safely and securely and this is your opportunity to hear from an expert.
Shredding Documents
It’s time for spring cleaning, and that includes getting rid of old bank statements and other financial documents. But don’t just throw them out. Shred instead. Otherwise, identity thieves can use the information to steal your savings.
Shredded paper
Take advantage of our April 22 community shredding day in Omaha to fight fraud and ID theft. Bring up to three boxes or bags of documents for secure, on-site shredding. If you don't need it, shred it!
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It pays to look closely at your credit card statement. You may see a "test charge," - a small charge, like $1. It may seem insignificant but it could be a sign tat a scammer has stolen your credit card and is testing it with a small amount to see if it works. Some merchants legitimately place a test charge on your account appearing to come from gas stations or hotel; these charges eventually drop off. But if you see a small charge and can't identify the merchant, contact your credit card company immediately.
Join AARP and the Better Business Bureau, Inc. for a cyber security workshop and learn how to protect yourself online both at home and at work. The event will be on October 12, 2106 at the Hughes Metropolitan Complex, 50515 East 29th Street N., Wichita, 67220.
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It couldn’t be clearer -- Cincinnati area residents want to protect themselves and their families from fraud, scams and ID theft.
Consumers reported losing $1.7 billion to scams and frauds in 2014, according to an annual review released by the Federal Trade Commission. That figure is likely a fraction of actual losses, since many people never report their victimization.
Fraud Watch Network
With shoppers expected to spend $616.9 billion on holiday gifts this year, scammers are gearing up to rip off unsuspecting consumers. That’s why AARP Fraud Watch Network developed a free, online resource guide so families can protect themselves and those they love from holiday scams.
BBB, AGO and AARP Partner to Combat Romance Scams
Definition of fraud
Colorado recovery is being accomplished by the energy and work of businesses, voluntary, faith-based, and community-based organizations along with government agencies and committed citizens.
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