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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s March 31 order extending social distancing guidelines through the end of April means the Lone Star State will be operating in its new normal for at least one more month.
Communities across Texas are working each and every day to become more livable for residents of all ages.
AARP Texas is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with events across the state.
Bob Bonilla
Por Tom Korosec
On the Fourth of July, Sidney Williams of Brownsville sliced his hand while opening a vase. He needed urgent medical treatment. So, he visited a nearby emergency clinic after a friend called ahead to see if the clinic would accept his insurance.
AARP Texas today announced that Olivia “Ollie” Besteiro has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 AARP Texas Andrus Award for Community Service. Named after AARP founder Ethel Percy Andrus, the award is given in recognition of those who embody the association’s goal of bringing lifetimes of experience and leadership to serve all generations.
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