Senior couple, looking together at smartphone, while riding public bus
Austin’s public transportation system -- Capital Metro -- is edging closer toward a possible citywide referendum this fall on a transit-expansion plan intended to ease congestion and to help Austin contend with an expected doubling of its population over the next 25 years.
Marion County Transit Plan
Local transportation funding has been part of the public debate for decades in Indianapolis. Currently the city lags behind similarly sized cities ranking 86 in transit investment out of the 100 largest cities. This November, Marion County voters will have the opportunity to vote for increased funding for a plan that will expand access to bus transportation, improve its quality and increase its frequency. For more information about the Marion County Transit plan please visit  www.transitdrivesindy.com
By Dana E. Neuts
woman at bus stop
RTD is proposing new bus fares that would go up to $2.60 for local routes, among other changes.
woman at bus stop
As RTD expands bus and rail services, its fare structure has become complex and hard to navigate for a lot of consumers. RTD is currently evaluating its current fare policies, including how fares are calculated based on distance, zones, and class of service such as Regional, Express, and Local/Limited.
Walgreens Way to well bus photo
The Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour with AARP rolls in to Washington State in June as part of a nationwide tour to provide free prevention and early detection health services to underserved communities. The tour is traveling the country providing free tests, assessment, education and consulting services.
Drop in Fare Will Benefit Seniors, Those with Disabilities
Bus commuters.
The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) and AARP Rhode Island are hosting a “road show” Sept. 27 at 10:30 a.m. at the Cranston Senior Center to promote the state’s bus and rail systems as easy, economical ways for people age 50-plus to get around.
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