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Hi blog readers!  It's Heather Heppner with the AARP Illinois Communications Team back with your Tuesday health care post.  With the new year upon us, many of you may be planning your 2014 budget - or maybe 2014 is the year you plan to retire.  Either way, a new resource from AARP - the Health Care Costs Calculator - may help!
AARP Introduces Free Health Care Costs Calculator for Retirement Planning
It's that time of year: Medicare open enrollment officially began on Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7. This is the one chance beneficiaries have to review coverage plan and make changes for the year ahead. What does this mean for you, or for family members on Medicare?
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As elected officials consider adopting the chained CPI as part of a budget deal, AARP has unveiled a new on-line calculator to show Americans how much they would lose if Washington changes the way the cost-of-living is calculated for Social Security and veterans benefits. By entering their age and estimated annual benefit, users can see how much less they would receive over the years if the chained CPI becomes law.
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