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AARP Mississippi is at the State Capitol this year working to make life a little easier for caregivers and all Mississippians. Our top priorities for the 2016 Mississippi Legislative session are:
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In Mississippi, thousands of family caregivers take care of their loved ones at home. When parents, spouses, or other loved ones go into the hospital, family caregivers can feel confused, rushed, left out, or unprepared to provide the best care when they return home. The Caregiver Act (SB 2108) is a commonsense solution that can make an incredible difference for 800,000 Mississippi residents who serve as caregivers at any time during the year. Family caregivers help their loved ones live independently at home – keeping them out of costly institutions, such as nursing homes.
Susan Lutz
By Susan Lutz, Project Advisor for AARP’s Education and Outreach Health Team
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