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By Hilary Appelman
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Over strong opposition from AARP, the Colorado Legislature passed sweeping changes as to how phone companies can do business in 2014 and beyond. These new laws — called “telecom deregulation” — may change the type of phone service available to you, how much you pay for the service, and whether you can get help from the state if you have a serious problem. Here’s what you need to know:
State lawmakers have cracked down on careless driving by tightening restrictions on using a handheld phone behind the wheel.
In a move backed by AARP Kansas, state lawmakers unanimously passed legislation to extend the Kansas No-Call Act to protect consumers’ cellphones from unwanted telemarketing calls.
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On Thursday, April 24, at 10 am – 12 pm and 2-4 pm AARP Georgia is launching a series of free hands-on mobile technology workshops customized for the 50+ audience at the The EpiCenter, 135 Riverside Parkway SW, Austell, GA 30168. Bridging the Digital Divide is the aim of the AARP T.E.K. (Technology, Education, Knowledge) program in Georgia. These workshops will be held all year at megachurches and community centers throughout metro Atlanta.
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Like most laws, the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care law, is complex. After all, it's a 900+ page document!
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In the tiny western Wisconsin village of Ettrick, Pete Harmon is used to cell calls breaking up—or not being able to make them at all.
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For many Wisconsin seniors, especially those in rural areas where cell phone service is unreliable or unavailable, having basic telephone landline service can be their only connection to the outside world. Losing that service would be a health and safety issue for these people.
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