AARP New Hampshire offers Life Reimagined Checkups to help people think in new ways about what’s next in their life in terms of work, health, relationships or long-deferred goals.
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By Beth Levine
Are you ready for new adventures, rewarding work, great friendships and a healthier, happier you? Then sign up for a Life Reimagined checkup to chart your path to what’s next.
By David Hawley
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Are you on your path towards reimagining your life or beginning to think about your “what’s next?” Then the Life Reimagined Checkup is for you!
Life Reimagined Checkup Okemos March 2015
A couple dozen older adults came to the Meridian Senior Center on March 26 for tips on how to figure out what they really want to do in life.
With the start of each new year, we think about what we want to do differently. AARP's Life Reimagined is all about possibilities – envisioning them, evaluating them and making them reality. Attend one of the January workshops (January 22 or 27, 2015) to receive guidance and resources for your life, along with support from your peers pursuing similar goals for work, relationships, health and finance.  Sign up for one of these two-hour Life Reimagined Checkups that are offered by AARP DC and explore your "What's Next?"
Life ReImagined
For most of your adult life, you were focusing on your career, kids, marriage, mortgage and other significant matters. Now you may be asking “what-next” questions such as: Retire or keep working? Keep the house or get a condo? Start a business? Learn a new skill? Start volunteering? How will I stay busy? Will the money last?
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