Lynn Price
The idea of “Wise Elder” suddenly occurred to me. While standing at the counter at a full service car wash, I observed the discounts available. “Are you:  Military, Student, or a Wise Elder?” Typically, I avoided the senior, senior citizen, or above X age options in so many other places.  However, this time I swallowed and even said out loud, “I am a wise elder” to the young person behind the counter!  It was the first time, at ‘my age’, I took the discount and the moment of reflection continued.
In support of unpaid family caregivers, AARP Delaware is sponsoring a room at the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware. The house provides shelter for families of children who are seriously or chronically ill or injured and are receiving treatment at area hospitals.
Friday, December 9, 2016 at 6 p.m., Easter Seals Colorado (ESC) will host the 6 th Annual Season of Lights Gala at The Brown Palace in downtown Denver.
GrandFamily Conference
The Centre, located at 1200 Holloway in Rolla, will be the site of the April 11, 2015 GrandFamily Conference for grandparents raising grandchildren in Phelps County.
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Our Story Continues, part 2, by Dick Weinman, The Thin Edge of Dignity
GrandFamily Conference
When Stormy, age 8, was in kindergarten, her teachers started sending her home from school frequently for vomiting and losing her balance. After a couple doctor visits, the family was told to wait and see what happens. When her situation didn’t improve, her great-grandparents took the lead and arranged for a doctor visit at a local Children’s Hospital. Soon afterwards, Stormy was diagnosed with an amelablastoma, or brain tumor. She’d had it for 6 months.
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