connecticut retirement security board

By Natalie Missakian
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AARP is working to ensure you have the financial security you need to take charge of your future and live independently as you age. We’re fighting to protect the Social Security benefits you’ve earned and to ensure every American worker is treated fairly on the job, regardless of age. We’re also giving you free and unbiased information to help you plan, work and save for retirement.
Thanks largely to the efforts of AARP members and volunteers, the 2015 legislative session included passage of a number of bills that will benefit older residents in Connecticut and their families, including new support for family caregivers, a ban on deceptive variable rate electric contracts, a new uniform power of attorney law and more.
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A new survey of small business owners in Connecticut shows significant support for a public retirement savings plan that would encourage more people to save for their future and give small businesses a competitive edge in the marketplace.
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The Connecticut Retirement Security Board (CRSB) has issued a request for public comment and information regarding the feasibility of a state-sponsored retirement plan for private sector employees.
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