PDX Womens Expo 2013
Ahh Saturday. It’s arguably the best day of the week. I mean, for the most part, you get to sleep in. Do whatever you like. And not have to worry about waking up early for work the next morning. It is the backbone of the weekend. That one special day of the week that encompasses exciting promises and adventurous plans. But, for as amazing as it is, there does exist one problem with Saturday; it’s one day. You can only do so much, or go so many places in 24 hours. But a small group of individuals wanting to make a local impact thought about this. They thought about just how great it would be if, just for once, you could do all the things that you love to do on Saturday—shopping, wine tasting, watching shows—all in one day. And even better, by participating, you would help make a difference in the lives of families all across Portland.
It takes a village to stage an amazing event like AARP's Life@50+, and we've got quite the village of volunteers ready to take on the task!  More than 1,000 volunteers will be a part of the first spring event in Las Vegas, 5/30-6/1/2013! Several hundred of them joined AARP Nevada and national event staff for volunteer orientation sessions at the Las Vegas Convention Center earlier this week.
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