Senior facility gets COVID-19 vaccine
Una guía sobre cuándo, dónde y si deberías recibir una vacuna COVID-19
Senior facility gets COVID-19 vaccine
A guide to when, where and whether to get a COVID-19 vaccine
Senior man and woman wearing masks greet each other by touching elbows instead of shaking hands
A live phone event for the community to ask questions about the vaccines
Elderly father and his middle aged daughter
AARP strongly believes that we must stand together to stop racism and work towards dismantling racist narratives.
The pandemic has underscored chronic issues such as staffing shortages, low wages for caregivers, and inadequate supplies of personal protective equipment.
Scam Alert #2
From offering miracle cures for COVID-19 to seeking personal information for stimulus checks, scammers are taking advantage of the global pandemic to steal people’s money and identities.
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