First Florida Nursing Home Workers Receive COVID-19 Vaccinations
A guide to when, where and whether to get a COVID-19 vaccine
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It can be frustrating and hard when you can’t see a loved one face-to-face — a fact that so many family members with loved ones in assisted living or nursing home facilities are discovering during the coronavirus outbreak.
Communities nationwide are facing new challenges given the global pandemic. While all Americans are making changes to their daily lives, we know that older adults and those with chronic health conditions, many of whom are wounded, ill, or injured service members and veterans, are at higher risk for serious illness and complications from the coronavirus.
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AARP is providing information and resources about COVID-19 to help older Iowans, and their families protect themselves from the virus and prevent it from spreading to others.
Resources for updates, home health visits, food banks, grocery access and meal delivery.
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