cyber security

For many of us, our lives are increasingly lived online. We connect with family and friends on social media. We work online, and play online. We shop online for everything from coffee creamer to cars. Many of us do much if not all of our financial transactions online.
Fraud Concept - Magnifying Glass.
AARP Volunteer Says ‘Everyone Can Be Part of the Fraud Watch Network’
Operation Stop Scams
Every two seconds in the US, someone's identity is stolen, resulting in tens of billions of dollars landing in the pockets of con artists and other unsavory criminals. AARP South Dakota is warning our members to be extra vigilant as tax season comes to a close. South Dakotans filed more than 3,200 consumer complaints of fraud and identity theft last year, 33% of which were employment or tax-related.  
Scam alert with cyber binary code technology
AARP Idaho and Boise State University computer science graduate students invites you to an exciting education opportunity. Join us on Wednesday, November 1 and Wednesday, November 15 at 2:30pm at the offices of AARP Idaho. There is free two hour visitor parking on the east side of the building.
We've teamed up with the Department of Homeland Security to help you stay "cybersafe" this holiday season.
Join AARP and the Better Business Bureau, Inc. for a cyber security workshop and learn how to protect yourself online both at home and at work. The event will be on October 12, 2106 at the Hughes Metropolitan Complex, 50515 East 29th Street N., Wichita, 67220.
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