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By AARP North Carolina President Bob Palombo
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Thinking ahead... is your home and community a place where you could stay involved with the people and places you love?  Or would it hold you hostage if you couldn't drive or get up and down the stairs?  Can you afford those important extras out of your retirement savings?  And what extras should you plan for?  Why should women, in particular, care about these things?
By Heather Lee Leap
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By Gwen Curran
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Like snowflakes, no two women are alike. But we do tend to hold one thing in common: we take care of others before we take care of ourselves. As we enter the fall season, how about focusing on your own wellbeing?
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By Elaine Friesen-Strang
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If you’re like most women, you’re a master planner.  You plan your career, your wedding, your children’s education and social activities, your family vacations and holidays.  Orchestrating so many life events for others can leave you with little time for yourself.  However, planning for your own tomorrow is vitally important.  If you don’t plan for yourself, someone else will plan for you. 
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