Greetings one and all...
Greetings one and all...
Warped Wing Brewery
Join us in the Oregon District of Dayton for beer and pizza along with an open forum and discussion with fellow members about financial security.
Eli Meir Kaplan/Wonderful Machine for AARPAARP presidents Jeannie English and Rob Romasco pose for portraits on Thursday, March 6, 2014 at AARP in Washington, DC.
The White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) will convene Monday (April 27) at the Global Center for Health Innovation in downtown Cleveland, where area residents and experts will engage in discussions that will help shape the national conversation about what aging will mean for Americans in the next 10 years.
at the movies
Are you a movie lover? Do you enjoy comparing notes with fellow theatergoers? Do you share reviews or even write your own?
The Currier Museum of Art is offering special deals and a special program for AARP members all day Saturday, October 19.  New Hampshire residents arriving before noon will receive free admission.  After noon, AARP members will receive $1 off admission, with a discounted rate of $9. 
AARP Logo with state logos in background
Are you interested in finding ways to stay healthy, learn new things and spend time with family and friends?   This free workshop offered by AARP VA (aarp.org/va) will help you make the most of the opportunities around you for enriching your life. 
NHPTV for Enewsletter
AARP New Hampshire invites you and other AARP members to join us in a discussion designed to get your views on AARP’s programs, services, advocacy and volunteer opportunities. 
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