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AARP members, volunteers and staff will be helping out at Sheridan Story on Wednesday, December 6th.  More volunteers are needed, find out more.
One in every 6 Michiganders struggles with hunger, including more than 700,000 in Southeast Michigan.
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Challenges facing older Montanans Highlighted by Efforts
March for Meals is a month-long observance to spotlight senior hunger and food insecurity (one in seven seniors in America faces food insecurity on a regular basis) and how Meals on Wheels solves the problem by providing daily hot, nutritious meals to seniors.
By Consuela Chapman, MSW, LCSWA, LCASA
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Home-bound residents often depend on delivery of their meals while recovering from an accident or an illness. Here's the story of District resident Tom Quinn who was discharged from the hospital for a hip and ankle fracture. He found it hard to get around and could not maneuver the steps to his apartment. He’s making it work with “Home-Delivered Meals,” a program offered by the D.C. Office on Aging. Tom feels good about people doing something for everyone. He calls it charitable motivation.
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Mary says that “volunteer” is her middle name. “I’m a volunteer talk-show host and an advocate for a healthcare program in the District of Columbia and I’m a senior citizen.”  She’s also retired and lives on a fixed income.  When she was in her mid 60s she connected with a SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps) and it made a big difference in her life.   Mary worked with a DC agency that helped her sign up for Social Security and qualify for SNAP.
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There are several ways to tackle hunger in among the elderly in Washington, DC. Here is Murelda's story.
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AARP and AARP Foundation Step In to Keep Older Big Bend
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