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Nationwide, more than 8 million adults aged 50 to 64 rely on charitable food assistance to help make ends meet. Not wanting to be a burden, they often suffer in silence. They are more likely to experience chronic illnesses like Diabetes, depression, reduced muscle mass and bone density, and poor vision. They are our family, our friends, and our neighbors - and AARP Virginia is committed to ending their hunger.
State leaders will brainstorm viable ways to help stop hunger in New Mexico as part of a one-day summit on Tuesday, Sept. 27.
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According to a new AARP survey, hunger is an issue more than 80 percent of Iowans are concerned about and are supportive of the state's efforts to provide help for those in need.
AARP is working with food banks and other organizations to teach older people how to grow ingredients for a nutritious salad in a container that can be placed on a porch or balcony.
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