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Every month, millions of Pennsylvanians receive their electric utility bill and I would guess that many of us look at the total, maybe grumble a little, then make a payment and go on with our business.  I would also hazard a guess that most consumers don’t know how to read or understand their utility bills, and don’t know exactly what the charges are for or how one could be saving money.  Do you know the difference between ‘supplier’ and ‘distributor’?  Did you know that you can shop for your electric supplier, but not your distributor? How do you know where you could be saving money on your monthly electric utility bill and which costs are fixed?
VI Wapa Energy Savings
The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) is making tremendous headway toward reducing the skyrocketing cost of utilities throughout the Virgin Islands.
WAPA Hedge Program
At an emergency meeting with its Board of Directors, VI Water and Power Authority (WAPA) Executive Director Hugo Hodge, introduced a plan to take advantage of the dropping cost of propane and other fuels. The plan requested permission to re-institute its former “Hedge Program” with a few modifications. Hodge justified the request saying that “Taking advantage in the drop of propane prices will give ratepayers significant cost savings.”
Energize Connecticut recently launched a new video series on its website,, to help Connecticut residents understand the value of energy efficiency and make smart energy choices.  According to Energize Connecticut, the overall goal of the series is to help residents get the most efficient energy performance out of their home or small business so that they can start saving money on their monthly energy bills.
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