Tomorrow is the 26th anniversary of Earth Day - a day intended to inspire awareness and appreciate our environment.Why was Earth Day started? Organizers wanted to respond to a massive oil spill in waters near Santa Barbara, CA in 1969. Today we continue to hold reverence for our earth.
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Did you know that a typical pair of sneakers will last 500 miles? Put a few miles on those walking shoes and join AARP for a series of guided walks in Portland-area neighborhoods called NeighborWalks.
Most Livable Neighborhoods
by Kaitlin Lounsberry, AARP blog author
Communities throughout Illinois and the United States aren't prepared for an aging society, a challenge communities will face as the U.S. population ages, which is why AARP developed the Livability Index Tool to allow users the ability to determine the livability of their neighborhood and community. AARP defines livability within a community as a safe and secure location that has affordable and appropriate housing and transportation options, and has supportive community features and services, which allows for residents to age in place and engage in the community’s civic, economic, and social life.
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Pepco is providing 2,000 free trees to customers in Maryland and the District of Columbia through the Energy-Saving Trees program. Launched as a pilot initiative in 2011, the Energy-Saving Trees program helps customers conserve energy and reduces household electricity bills through strategic tree planting. Pepco customers can reserve their free trees today at www.arborday.org/pepco or by calling 1-855-670-2771.
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