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AARP North Carolina joined Attorney General Josh Stein and State Representative Jason Saine (R) Lincolnton, when they introduced a proposal to strengthen North Carolina’s laws to prevent data breaches and to protect affected victims. The Attorney General and other state law enforcement officials have been part of AARP's efforts to protect North Carolinians from fraud and scams that target older adults.
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Massive data breaches, a major Medicare card scam, new forms of phishing: there were lots of big scam stories from this past year, but also, hope for some scam victims. Take a look back with us:
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In the wake of recent security breaches, AARP is reminding Mainers that they can prevent identity theft by freezing their credit reports.
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The Equifax breach exposed names, addresses, birthdates and social security numbers of 145 million Americans. This is exactly the information a scammer would need to take advantage of a social security recipient - who hasn’t yet set up their own “My Social Security Account”.
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In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and Maria, charity scams are coming at us by text, email, phone and social media. Scammers look to take advantage of our desire to help victims. If you plan to donate, make sure your money is going to the right place. Check Charity Navigator (www.charitynavigator.org), Charity Watch (www.charitywatch.org) and Give.org to verify names and organizations before opening your heart – and wallet.
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Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit bureaus, recently announced that a data breach likely compromised the information of approximately 143 million Americans.  The media swirl that ensured has left many people confused and alarmed.
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