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 In breaking news, the Senate passed legislation allowing Governor Herbert to negotiate with the federal government for a block grant that would essentially cover people up to 138 percent of poverty.  Though not an expansion of the Medicaid program, this grant would allow those up to the full expansion category to purchase private insurance with federal funding.  The House has yet to vote on this plan, and passed an expansion version in committee that would use a much smaller amount in state dollars to cover fewer people.  Though the federal government must give Utah a waiver for the Governor's plan, it is a breakthrough on receiving federal funding.
A new AARP survey of 800 Missourians age 45 and over shows that 72 percent support expansion of Medicaid to provide health coverage for at least 56,044 uninsured Missouri residents age 50-64. This is based on the number of residents age 50-64 who were living at or below 138 percent of poverty in 2010. The survey also finds that nearly 64 percent of Missouri residents agree with Gov. Jay Nixon's support of accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid.
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