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More than half of Americans are at risk of being unable to cover basic living expenses when they retire, according to a 2013 Fidelity Investments study. Do you worry about your financial future—and if so, what can you do to prepare?
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You’ve w orked hard to save for retirement and you deserve a financial advisor who works just as hard to protect what you’ve earned. Right now, loopholes in the law allow bad-actors in the financial industry to provide retirement savings “advice” based on what’s best for their pocketbook, not yours. The result? They can recommend investments with higher fees, riskier features, and lower returns because they earn more money, even if those investments are not the best choice for you. Bad advice is wrong, and it is costing Americans up to $17 billion per year.
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PORTLAND, OR -- If you provide care for an aging loved one, or expect to do so in the next few years, you should register for Navigating the Journey: Caring for those you care about, on Saturday afternoon, November 8 th at the Providence Portland Medical Center in Portland.
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“We want people to understand that if they want to have a happy retirement they need to be happy before they stop working,” said Kelvin Boston in opening the recent AARP DC financial security seminar “Joyful Retirement: Planning for your Future” that was offered  at AARP headquarters. Boston, was the seminar moderator and host for the public television program “Moneywise.” Boston further stated, “A lot of us think that we have to acquire things and reach certain goals and after we do that we’re going to be happy but the research shows that you have to be happy before you reach those things.”
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When it comes to financial planning for retirement, don’t make the mistake of thinking your monthly Social Security payments will be enough for you to continue living the lifestyle you want. Because chances are, they won’t.
Think you are too young to plan for financial security? Think again! Join AARP DC on Thursday, June 26, 2014 to get started.
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A continually growing number of grandparents are faced with the decision of caring for and/or raising their grandchildren.  Some Boomers are also dealing with their aging parents in the home.  Not only are they caring for their grandchildren and their parents but they are also caring for themselves and in some cases their spouses as well.  A workshop on June 24, 2014 will provide information on resources to help grandparents manage.
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