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Autumn’s harvest brings us an abundant array of delicious foods as we begin preparations for the winter months.  New Hampshire’s wildlife is also benefiting from nature’s bounty as seasonal changes trigger survival strategies for winter’s pending challenges.
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Discover the revival of mason jars!
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Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be expensive. That’s why AARP Pennsylvania wants residents on fixed incomes to know they may be eligible for four $5 checks redeemable at qualified farmers markets and roadside stands, beginning June 1.
 The brain requires nutrients/food that keeps it functioning. Some of the foods that supply the brain with functional nutrients/foods are as follows:
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Come enjoy our 2 day festival jam packed with fun activities, family friendly games, cool prizes, face painting and more.
When you think of Myrtle Beach, you think of sand dunes, golf courses and well traffic. Tucked away in a small strip center of the highway 17 bypass proudly stands a “mini military museum.” But not in the sense of a formal glassed in-cased, don’t touch museum. You can actually eat there.
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Eating well can be especially challenging for low-income people who live far from stores that sell fresh produce at affordable prices. With the growing season in full swing, AARP Arkansas wants to remind those enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that their benefits can go twice as far at participating farmers’ markets. Under the Double Up Food Bucks program, SNAP dollars can double the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables shoppers take home.
Nearly 22,000 Vermonters 50 and older did not have balanced meals or enough to eat at some point in 2014 because they could not afford it.
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In addition to a string of laws and amendments going into effect at the start of the New Year, the SNAP gross income limit in Illinois increased from 130 percent to 165 percent of the federal poverty level. This means an estimated 40,000 low-income working families will be eligible for SNAP benefits.
AARP in Springfield has a treat for foodies who like to cook and eat. In collaboration with the local Hy-Vee and its dieticians, once each month "What's Cooking with AARP" cooking classes will be offered - all for free. Each month will have a suitable theme and dishes selected that will tantalize and satisfy the taste buds.
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