fraudwatch network

Earlier this month, AARP Pennsylvania headed to the heart of Philadelphia’s Chinatown to promote the AARP Fraud Watch Network, which raises awareness about fraud and offers resources for consumer protection. AARP sponsored the Chinatown Night Market Yé Shí, a lively night consisting of food, arts & crafts, and entertainment. The event, hosted by Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation, gave AARP the opportunity to speak to hundreds of visitors about fraud and consumer protection. AARP volunteers drew people to the AARP PA table, as well as ventured out into the crowd, to engage over 500 people in discussion and sign up 200 individuals for the Fraud Watch Network.
By Nancy Johnson
Frank Abagnale, a security consultant to the FBI for more than four decades, will give an engaging talk on identity theft Oct. 8 in Lebanon, N.H.
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