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All charity scams are deplorable, but those pretending to raise funds to support our nation’s veterans are particularly shameful. Last week, the Federal Trade Commission, along with state charities regulators, announced a major takedown of fake veteran charities.
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is experiencing a big uptick in complaints that scammers pretending to be the FTC are calling, emailing, texting and faxing, and are either claiming the targets have won a big prize or that they are in trouble and have to pay delinquent accounts. In fact, the Department of Justice recently announced that two scammers impersonating the FTC were found guilty of bilking victims out of more than $10 million. Know that the FTC does not contact consumers to ask for payment, and it does not run sweepstakes or lotteries. If you experience this scam, report it at www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov.
In cooperation with the state Office of Attorney General and Department of Public Safety, AARP Vermont is spreading the word about VT Scam Alert, a new component of VT-Alert, the state’s emergency notification system.
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reported that scammers are creating fake websites that look like known and trusted news sites to sell “brain booster” pills.
AARP New York is hosting shredding events across the state this month as part of a national AARP effort called Operation Stop Scams. The events, which aim to prevent identity theft, are scheduled after tax season to allow for safe disposal of outdated financial statements.
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An informed consumer is better prepared to avoid fraud, and AARP Pennsylvania wants residents to have the information they need to safeguard their money.
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Filing a tax return isn't the most stress-free experience, and fears of audits can put people on edge.  That's exactly what scam artists are counting on with widespread tax scams that are proliferating, according to an alert issued by the Internal Revenue Service this month.
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Con artists are targeting you and the people you care about.  Learn how to fight back and spot the crooks before they spot you.
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