Generation X

Couple discussing serious financial situation
Crisis Will Only Get Worse if Not Addressed in Final 2017-18 Budget
Big Majorities Favor Clinton Over Trump on Social Security, Retirement; NYers Struggling With Necessities; Time Ripe for Leaders to Find Solutions
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Women More Stressed, Less Prepared for Financially Secure Retirement than Men; AARP Urges “Secure Choice” State-Facilitated Savings Plan
Charged NY Consumers 14% More than Utility Companies, Federal Data Shows
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Stressed Out by Unaffordability and Lack of Savings, One in Three Hispanic City Voters 35-50 Don’t Expect to Ever Retire
Roosevelt House 8-14-15
Flash Mob Cuts “Social Security Card” Cake, Parties With Balloons, Birthday Cards Outside President’s Former Home
Social Security
Program Remains Key to Retirement, Living Independently, Important for Future Generations, According to National AARP Survey
Survey Unveils overwhelming Backing for Political Leaders to Preserve Affordable Housing Stock
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This year Generation X turned 50. With 2.5 million members across the state, AARP New York is the state’s leading advocate for the 50+, and we believe now is the time for us to take stock of the financial plans of Gen Xers and how prepared they are for their financial future.
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