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As the government shutdown continues and as the countdown to the Thursday, Oct. 17 deadline on the debt-ceiling looms ominously, what can the average citizen do?
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John from Edgerton
As the government shutdown continues and the debt ceiling deadline draws dangerously near, we at AARP are calling on the President and Congress to leave Social Security out of any political deal. Americans have paid into Social Security their entire working lives and they deserve to be part of the discussion. Cuts to the benefits we have earned should not be part of any backroom, last-minute negotiation to avoid crashing through the debt ceiling.
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What does the "government shutdown" really mean, and what does it mean to you, here in Massachusetts? First, rest assured that while so-called non-essential federal workers aren't going to work today--both in Washington, D.C. and here in the Bay State--the programs you may rely on most--Medicare, Social Security, and unemployment--remain open (though new applications to Medicare may be delayed).
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