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Today, Connecticut took a big step forward in the fight against elder abuse with an Executive Order by Governor Malloy directing Agency Collaboration to Prevent Elder Abuse in Connecticut.
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AARP Connecticut released the following statement from AARP State Director, Nora Duncan, in response to Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s announcement regarding State efforts to address consumer complaints in the electric supplier market:
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Connecticut voters age 50+ overwhelmingly oppose recent electric utility proposals being considered by state lawmakers that would deny 800,000 customers a choice of affordable electricity plans and drive up rates for seniors and families.  Seven out of ten registered voters in Connecticut age 50 and older say they oppose Governor Malloy’s “energy auction” proposal which would sell the rights to provide electric service to thousands of current CL&P and UI customers, according to a recent survey commissioned by AARP Connecticut. 
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Data Captures Opinions of Connecticut Voters Age 50+ on Energy Auction, Smart Meters and More 
AARP Connecticut is opposed to a one-time budget gimmick contained in the Governor’s latest State Budget proposal that would switch electric service suppliers for hundreds of thousands of Connecticut ratepayers without their permission  (Read our full testimony to the Finance Committee).   Under the Governor’s proposal, the State would oversee an “energy auction” that would sell off the rights to provide electric service to Standard Plan customers currently served by CL&P and UI, to the highest bidder.  Here’s how it would work:
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AARP strives to connect its members and interested individuals with tools and a community of people that can help them navigate their “what’s next” moments.  Whether it is about starting a new career or volunteering to help others achieve their goals, AARP CT views social enterprise as a valuable opportunity for age 50+ entrepreneurs -- also known as “Encore Entrepreneurs” -- and active retirees with sharp business and entrepreneurial acumen.
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If you are like millions of people over age 50, when you think about getting older, you picture yourself at home, surrounded by friends and family, and continuing to be active and engaged in your community.  For nearly 90 percent of older adults, their preference is to receive care they may need as they age in their own homes and communities, rather than in a nursing home.  That's why at AARP, we've made it a priority to ensure people 50+ are able to find the care they and their family members need, when they want it and in the setting of their choice.
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