From one of the strongest prescription drug price-transparency laws in the nation and a host of new consumer protections against surprise health care costs to measures focused on nursing home safety, older worker trainings, guardianship abuse deterrence, rural broadband access, and more, new laws backed by AARP Texas during the 2019 legislative session are taking effect on Sept. 1.
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A new law will help ensure that hospitals are providing caregivers the assistance they need so patients can receive proper treatment when they go home.
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The Montana State Legislature meets for only 90 days every two years, with the next session beginning Jan. 7. AARP Montana encourages residents of all ages to get involved in the legislative process by signing up to be an e-activist.
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A recent change in Kentucky’s guardianship law aims to encourage more relatives to take on guardianship roles and to make the process more family friendly.
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With the 2018 legislative session under way, AARP Oklahoma is pressing for bills related to caregiving, prescription drugs and assisted living facilities.
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Which issues will be front and center when the state legislature convenes in January? Find out during a tele-town hall on Tuesday, Nov. 28. AARP Alabama will detail its legislative priorities for 2018, including help for family caregivers, access to home and community-based services, improving guardianship laws, and protecting Medicaid.
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Many family caregivers manage money or property when a loved one cannot. AARP Texas and the advocacy group Texas Appleseed have released a tool kit that can help caregivers safeguard their relatives’ assets and avoid unintended conflicts of interest.
If you are one of the 12,600 family caregivers in the Virgin Islands, you may be managing a loved one’s personal finances. Perhaps a Virgin Islands court has even appointed you as the person’s legal guardian. But what if you have to move away, or your loved one needs to go to a hospital on the U.S. mainland for medical care?
Managing a loved one’s finances is difficult under the best of circumstances, but can be daunting for family members who are geographically dispersed. That’s why Georgia lawmakers passed legislation in March that aims to make it easier for judges to determine which state has jurisdiction in a guardianship case.
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Yesterday, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act (UAGPPJA) which helps family caregivers navigate financial challenges by making sure adult guardianship laws are consistent and honored from state to state.
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