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AARP Congratulates 2018 Class of Elected Officials for Championing Family Caregivers
Governor's Office
Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed into law today a bill requiring hospitals to establish procedures giving family caregivers the opportunity to receive instruction in the medical tasks required when their loved ones are discharged. The CARE Act – HB 2252 HD1 SD2 CD1 – paves the way for greater consideration of caregivers in hospital discharge processes. The law takes effect July, 2017.
Volunteers Support CARE Act
UPDATE: On Monday, April 25 conferees passed the CARE Act bill out of committee, with amendments. Next up: the full Senate and House will conduct floor votes on the bill, before the 2016 legislative session comes to a close on May 5.
HI CARE Act Coalition
Members of the Hawaii CARE Act Coalition this week welcomed the passage of SB 2397 SD1 by the Senate Judiciary and Labor and Senate Human Services Committees. The caregiver support bill would require hospitals to establish procedures giving family caregivers the opportunity to receive instruction – prior to discharge – in medical tasks required when patients go home. The proposed measure is needed in Hawaii as many unpaid caregivers are routinely called on to provide complex care in the home for which they are unprepared.
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Members of the Hawaii CARE Act Coalition descended on the state Capitol Tuesday for the final meeting of the Legislative Family Caregivers Working Group, which is preparing to submit recommendations to the 2016 Legislature.
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Advocates intent on passing legislation supporting Hawaii’s family caregivers presented their case before the Legislative Family Caregivers Working Group at the state Capitol on September 10.
Josh Wisch
AARP Hawaii has announced the hiring of Joshua Wisch as director of advocacy. Prior to his appointment, Wisch served as deputy director of the Hawaii State Department of Taxation, special assistant to the Attorney General in the Hawaii State Department of the Attorney General, and District Director for then-Congresswoman Mazie Hirono. Wisch has also worked as litigation attorney with the Honolulu law firms Cades Schutte and Chun Kerr.
Hawaii State Legislature
At the state legislature this year, AARP Hawaii is advocating for a 10 percent increase in funding for Kupuna Care to address the needs of the state's aging population. Kupuna Care is a state-funded, county administered program that provides home and community based services for older adults who need assistance at home.
Supporting Family Caregivers
Hawaii’s population is aging, and family caregivers are under growing pressure to help their loved ones live independently at home. In 2015 a number of elder advocacy groups joined AARP Hawaii is urging legislators to pass Senate Bill 296, which would help caregivers perform after-care tasks such as medication management and wound care when a patient comes home from the hospital.
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