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Very few people have had as much impact in shaping California as Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo. Vallejo was born in Monterey in 1807, when that city was the capital of Alta California in the Viceroy of New Spain. As a young man, Vallejo worked as a clerk for English merchant William Hartnell, learning English, French, and Latin. Vallejo was serving as personal secretary to the Governor of California, Luis Arguello in 1821, when news of Mexico’s independence from Spain reached Monterey. He then enrolled as a cadet at the Presidio of San Francisco.
Pío de Jesús Pico era un  Californio de primera generación nacido en  Alta California de padres que emigraron de la región de la Nueva España que hoy es conocida como  México. Nació en la Misión de San Gabriel Arcángel el 5 de mayo de 1801. Después de la muerte de su padre en 1819, Pico se instaló en San Diego y se casó con Maria Ignacia Alvarado el 24 de febrero de 1834.
Pío de Jesus Pico was a first-generation Californio, born in Alta California to parents who emigrated from the part of New Spain that is now Mexico. He was born at the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel on May 5, 1801. After the death of his father in 1819, Pico settled in San Diego, where he married María Ignacia Alvarado on February 24, 1834.
AARP invites Texans to kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month in San Antonio Sept. 15 with a guided bus tour of the historic San Antonio Missions, where Native Americans lived and worked in the 1700s. The tour is one of several free events during the month-long celebration.
AARP y Fuerza Contra Alzheimer celebra los cuidadores durante el mes de la herencia hispana
For those who didn't attend this years Cinco de Mayo celebration in Pueblo, it is definitely worth putting on your calendar next year and making the journey to Southern Colorado for an authentic experience.
The University of Colorado Boulder is hosting a new exhibit from now through the end of the year. Moments in the History of Mexicans in the Southwest United States is being held in the Norlin Library, underground west wing, on the Boulder campus, 500 Manhattan Dr., Boulder, CO 80303.
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