holiday gifts

By Curtis Loftis, South Carolina Treasurer
Full frame of christmas presents
The spirit of giving is upon us! That’s why City Church Cincinnati and AARP are spreading good cheer during this holiday season by offering to wrap your gifts for free.
An article this week in US News and World Report, Holiday Gifts for Senior Safety and Peace of Mind, reports on gift ideas for family caregivers and features recommendations by AARP family and caregiving expert Amy Goyer, along with Grace Whiting, director of strategic partnerships at the National Alliance for Caregiving. Goyer and Whiting recommend products that provide security at home, such as electronic keypad door locks; items that assist seniors with limited mobility; music for those with dementia; preparing a vacation for a caregiver; a massage, manicure or haircut for the caregiver; taking on some responsibilities for the caregiver; and providing social connectivity.
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