home care services

by Heather Lee Leap
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By Kira Hessekiel, Advocacy and Outreach Support AARP Massachusetts
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As spring begins to blossom around the Bay State, legislators under the Golden Dome are busy shaping what will become the budget for Fiscal Year 2014.
Long term care services
About 3,000 District residents who receive services that help them continue to live at home as they age now have an advocate through the D.C. Long Term Care Ombudsman Program.
Home care costs
Despite state budget challenges, AARP is urging lawmakers to increase funding for services that help North Carolinians continue to live at home as they age.
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Imagine this: Your 90-year-old mother lives in a nursing home. You arrange for her to spend a holiday weekend with the family. But when you return to the nursing home, her bed is gone. That scenario could have been reality with a proposed change to the Medicaid system for Fiscal Year 2012, in which nursing home leaves of absence, commonly called “bed hold,” were targeted for elimination.
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