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Urges Senate Consideration of ‘POWADA’
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We want to take a moment to express our appreciation for all of the Virginia State Legislators for their support of AARP Virginia’s 2017 Legislative Priorities. These priorities include increasing retirement security, strengthening financial exploitation laws, supporting family caregivers, and protecting vulnerable long-term care recipients.
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AARP Urging NY House Members to Vote No, Protect Constituents
Who would have known that the numbers 203, 105, 98, and 12 would play such an important role in the Pennsylvania elections this year? Of course 203 has an important role every two years – but there are 203 seats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives up for election on November 8. However, only 105 of those races have two major party candidates on the ballot for State Representative, while 98 of them have one candidate on the ballot or have a major party candidate facing only a third-party candidate. Lastly, there are only 12 days until Election Day on November 8, so if you aren’t a “Numbers Person” now is the time to change your mind!
AARP Virginia is fighting for you in Washington, but we could use your help.  If you have an interest in federal legislative issues -- such as protecting Medicare or Social Security -- consider signing up as an AARP Virginia Congressional District Volunteer. 
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by  Kira Hessekiel, Advocacy and Outreach support AARP Massachusetts 
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