illinois legislature

Springfield, Ill. – AARP Illinois issued the following statement Wednesday calling for an up-or-down vote soon in the Illinois Senate on HB 4900, which could push Illinois to the forefront of national efforts to rein in surprise price gouging that can lead to massive increases in the cost of specific prescription drugs.
Thursday, April 27 th, Approximately 150 Illinois attended the first AARP Illinois-NPR Illinois town hall on the state budget forum entitled: State Budget: Past Due.  This event held at the Wyndham: Springfield Center is a key component of our Enough is Enough campaign.
For too long Illinois has been without a comprehensive, balanced budget that helps make life better for residents of all ages.
Capitol Hill Building closeup, Washington DC
Moving forward with our Enough is Enough campaign mobilizing citizens across Illinois and encouraging them to hold elected officials – the Governor and the members of the General Assembly – accountable for the gridlock and demand they find long-term solutions and pass a budget that restores the fiscal health of our state.
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