By Sheila O. Schimpf
The Federal Communications Commission last month repealed net neutrality, which were the rules that regulated businesses that connect all of us to the internet.
AARP Nebraska is offering computer classes to help residents get comfortable using a computer or tablet. The classes are designed for people with little, if any, computer experience. Instructors explain how to browse the Internet and send email, and participants have a hands-on opportunity to do these things in class.
The AARP Information Center in Omaha is offering classes for people who want to get comfortable with using a computer or tablet to send email and navigate the Internet.
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Nuestras posibilidades deben expandirse a medida que envejecemos y no lo contrario, y la tecnología es el mejor ejemplo porque representa una ventana abierta al mundo. Cada vez que trataba de enseñar algo a mi padre en la computadora, éste lo miraba brevemente y se iba del cuarto con una incomodidad bautizada como “miedo a la tecnología”. Tal vez usted o un familiar nunca han tenido oportunidad de aprender a navegar la Internet y las redes sociales, pero en el mundo de hoy es una necesidad para no aislarse.
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Volunteers from the nonprofit organization Family Matters of Greater Washington teamed up with District residents this year to help them battle loneliness by learning to use social media.
Facebook isn’t just for teens and college kids. It can be a good way for members of older generations to stay in touch with younger relatives, especially around the holidays.
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Did you know AARP partners with community groups on events (and hosts our own) right in your community? This month, join us at a technology fair to learn more about getting connected.
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The AARP Information Center in Omaha offers basic computer classes for adults age 50 and older.
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Online shopping is so quick and easy. But for safe Internet shopping, follow these simple steps to protect your money and privacy:
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