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Most Americans view Iowa as the land of plenty: Row after row of corn and soybeans, farmyards full of squealing pigs and contented cows and smiling people quietly sipping lemonade in the shade of their porch on a warm summer evening as a refreshing breeze sweeps across the gently rolling landscape.
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Few Iowans take time out of their busy lives to think about hunger in their state, yet nearly 400,000 Iowans – including nearly 150,000 age 50 and older – are considered food insecure, meaning they lack the ability to acquire nutritionally adequate and safe foods in socially acceptable ways.
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According to a new AARP survey, hunger is an issue more than 80 percent of Iowans are concerned about and are supportive of the state's efforts to provide help for those in need.
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Iowa state lawmakers this year approved a $1 million matching appropriation for the state’s food banks, which now must raise $1 million in private funds to access the full amount.
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Today, AARP expressed support for protecting funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as the Senate prepares to consider reauthorization of the Farm Bill.  “While AARP recognizes the economic challenges facing our nation and that burdens must be shouldered by broad segments of society, we do not believe it’s appropriate to reduce already inadequate Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits - $4.30 per person per day - to households experiencing food insecurity," said Joyce Rogers, AARP Senior Vice President, Government Affairs.
In cooperation with the nonprofit Iowa Food Bank Association and Spindustry Digital, a marketing agency based in Des Moines, AARP helped create and is promoting a virtual food drive.
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