Kentucky Retired Teachers Association

Be the Difference
Our partnership with Kentucky Retired Teacher's Association (KRTA) began in 2001 when the AARP Kentucky state office opened – and it’s stronger than ever today. KRTA and AARP have developed and enjoyed a trusted relationship based on our shared purpose.
pension is a promise
Kentucky at an important crossroad.  The decisions the state makes now will determine whether our teachers, who work so hard to educate and support our children, are able to live independently and with dignity in retirement.
Angel Wynn_Black Mountain_Elem_2104 Grandparent Essay Award
Harlan County 5th grader’s family and state’s retired teachers celebrate the Black Mountain Elementary School statewide essay contest winner – Angel Wynn
Paducah 5th Grader Honors his “Grand-Dad”  - Grandparent of the Year Essay Contest
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