Kansans who receive Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, public housing or other kinds of government benefits may be eligible for the state’s Lifeline program, which makes it more affordable to have a landline telephone. Savings can be as much as $17.02 a month.
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AARP Maine has been the lead opponent to FairPoint’s proposed deregulation of the Provider of Last Resort (POLR) service in Maine since 2012. Nearly 3,000 Mainers 50+ signed a petition to save landline phones, and legislators received hundreds of phone calls and emails from concerned citizen this session.
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Hundreds of Mainers have joined the effort to protect affordable, reliable landline service in Maine.
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AARP Maine is committed to helping all Mainers and their families who need or want a reliable landline telephone option.
Telephone service is a basic necessity, particularly for older adults who are more likely than any other age group to rely on landline service to connect with family and friends, for medical monitoring, home security and in case of an emergency.
Marylanders are facing a potential phaseout of copper landlines, as phone companies seek to move customers to cheaper—but not necessarily as reliable—telephone technology. The threat is especially worrisome to those who need a landline phone in emergencies and those in rural areas. Congestion can delay 911 calls on wireless networks.
In New Jersey, where Verizon has not rebuilt some of the telephone lines destroyed by Superstorm Sandy in 2012, AARP is fighting to keep landlines available.
Now more than half way through Kentucky's 2014 General Assembly, AARP Kentucky grassroots are fighting on priority issues being debated.  Listed below are updates on AARP Kentucky's key issues. Your support is welcomed and needed to help inform lawmakers of what is important to you.
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The Michigan House Committee on Energy & Technology narrowly passed a telecommunications bill Wednesday that will enable phone companies to eliminate landline service with only 90 days' notice starting in 2017.
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