Caregiving is challenging, as Delaware’s 123,000 unpaid family caregivers can attest. Home health aides can provide needed support with tasks such as bathing, dressing and feeding. But because state law does not allow these workers to administer medications, family caregivers often have to leave work to do it themselves.
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There’s a new scam we recently heard about. A resident receives an official-looking letter from a law firm in the state, outlining a family member’s prior criminal conviction, describing the verdict, and then stating there is an outstanding fine or fee. The letter directs the resident to send a check to clear the expense. If you receive a letter like this, contact local law enforcement.
Did you know that South Carolina law allows utility companies to force consumers to pay for billions in cost overruns for big projects like building a nuclear power plant? It sounds shocking, but the Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) just published a report showing that SCE&G's VC Summer project has cost $1.5 billion more than originally estimated. And guess who is footing the bill? South Carolina consumers, many of whom live on modest incomes and cannot afford these additional costs. The law needs to change. Why should utilities like SCE&G even try and control costs on power plant projects, since the financial risk is borne by consumers and not the company?  In addition, why is there no provision to allow for refunds or rebates to consumers if a project goes bad? With every passing year, as the VC Summer project grows more expensive, these questions become more urgent. Consumers should not be forced to continue paying their hard-earned money with no end in sight.
Oklahoma is the first state to enact a law that could reduce hospital readmissions by preparing family caregivers to provide follow-up care when a patient goes home after a hospital stay.
AARP Virginia is fighting for you in Washington, but we could use your help.  If you have an interest in federal legislative issues -- such as protecting Medicare or Social Security -- consider signing up as an AARP Virginia Congressional District Volunteer. 
On Oct. 1, millions of Floridians will be able to shop for health-care coverage through a new online marketplace as key parts of the 2010 federal Affordable Care Act go into effect.  AARP Florida is working to help Floridians 50+ understand how the law will affect them.
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AARP would like you to know of the Colorado Senior Day being held on August 17th at Pueblo Community College Foundation, 900 W. Orman Ave. Fortino Ballroom, Pueblo Co 81004.   Attendees may find information that is useful to them.   Attorneys representing the Pueblo Bar Association will be giving various presentations from 8 am – noon (7:00 am – 8:00 am registration) on topics such as Elder Abuse, Grandparent Rights, Fraud, Identity Theft, Estate Planning, and more. There will be a room dedicated for guests to meet briefly with attorneys for legal advice that specialize in various elder issues. There will be another room devoted for vendor booths which will allow Colorado Senior Law Day guests the opportunity to learn about services in the Pueblo and surrounding communities. There will be a continental breakfast, free of charge. Contact Diane Porter at 719 549-3314 for pre-registration. Sitting is limited, and if you are interested in attending, we ask that you  call for early registration.
The Elder Care Network of Northern Colorado is proud to present the ninth annual Larimer County Senior Law Day to be held on Saturday, August 3, 2013, at the Fort Collins Marriott Hotel Conference Center from 8:30 am until 3 pm.
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