LB 577

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Watch AARP Nebraska State President Bob Eppler rally the crowd in support of  LB 577, the Medicaid expansion bill.
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It's time to break the impasse on LB 577, the Medicaid expansion bill, and take a fair up or down vote in the Legislature. Currently, a small group of senators is playing games with the health and economic well-being of 54,000 Nebraska adults under age 65 who lack affordable access to medical care. Their actions are preventing the bill from coming up for a vote.
#10: We’ve already paid for it.  We might as well use it.
 #9 - The state cost of Medicaid Expansion is manageable.
#8 - Medicaid is an effective and affordable means of delivering health care to Nebraskans with limited incomes.
Retirement Savings
The federal government has been a reliable partner in providing coverage to low-income Nebraskans
#3 - Medicaid Expansion will improve the health of low-income Nebraskans
Call 1-800-361-2243 and tell your state senator:
AARP strongly backs state legislation expanding Medicaid to cover at least 54,000 uninsured Nebraskans.
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