LGBT Aging

San Jose
Pride is ageless! AARP was proud to participate in the 2017 NYC Pride March as part of Governor Cuomo’s contingent. We are proud to be changing the conversation on aging.
Many older LGBT citizens face difficulties getting proper medical treatment. Some live alone due to fear of discrimination. Others can find it hard to settle into nursing homes because of potential mistreatment.
At AARP, we are engaging with the community in new and surprising ways. If you’ve been out and about in Philadelphia, chances are that you have seen us at street festivals, city council meetings, or hosting events. But did you know that we are going to be in the LGBT community even more than ever before?
Pair of Doubting Friends
Much attention and debate has been focused on LGBT rights after the North Carolina General Assembly overturned a Charlotte bathroom ordinance. But what are the issues when it comes to LGBT rights and aging?
Congratulations to AARP Missouri Executive Council member Sherrill Wayland who recently received the Washington University-George Warren Brown School of Social Work Distinguished Alumni Award On March 1. The award honors the School’s remarkable alumni who create a positive change for people around the globe. Each year, the school community celebrates the accomplishments of alumni who have demonstrated the highest level of professional achievement in the field of social work and public health.
Gay Pride Pin-back
In his final State of the Union address, President Barack Obama included LGBTQ people highlighting the strides that were made during his administration and providing hope that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) will be treated equally in all aspects across the United States.
Gay Pride Pin-back
Atlanta has been named one of the most retirement- and gay-friendly big cities in America. AARP Georgia is celebrating by sponsoring the first Gray Pride events at the Atlanta Pride Festival Oct. 10-11.
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