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AARP Maryland Shows Impact of Skyrocketing Drug Prices on Marylanders with New Data and Infographic
Law goes into effect July 1st to create nation’s first state oversight board to bring down prescription drug costs
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Two decades ago energy companies and their lobbyist convinced legislators that Maryland consumers would save money if only they deregulated the electric and gas companies. During the 2019 session, the industry hired dozens of plugged-in lobbyists to advocate for a measure to change the way electric and gas utilities set their annual rates. HB 653 Electric Companies and Gas Companies – Rate Regulation – Alternative Rate Plans was sponsored by Chairman Dereck Davis. Under the radar of the Public Service Commission and consumer advocates, the bill passed the House Economic Matters Committee 20-0 and the full House 83-51. AARP Maryland, however, took notice and our members sprang into action, sending hundreds of emails and faxes to their senators urging them to kill this anti-consumer measure. The bill’s supporters complained about the “noise” made by AARP volunteer advocates, but our efforts made a difference. The more AARP members made “noise,” the more lawmakers began to pay attention and the bill stalled in the Senate.
AARP Maryland is holding an exclusive telephone town hall on Wednesday, November 29 at 10:00 AM (ET) to talk about the healthcare concerns of Marylanders aged 50+ and their families, including the latest updates on Medicare. We will be joined by United States Senator for Maryland, Chris Van Hollen, to discuss this important issue.
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This event is now over, but we hope to do another veterans event in the future! Please keep checking our blog for future events.
The CARE Act is now law in Maryland. Download your Maryland CARE Act card right now.
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This year's legislative session in Maryland has AARP fighting for many important issues that affect 50+ Marylanders, including retirement security, caregiving protection, and paid sick leave. In order to be successful in this fight, we need the support of our more than 870,000 members across the state.
Every day, millions of Americans lose their hard-earned money to identity theft, investment fraud and other types of scams. Last year alone, 12.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft  that’s one person victimized every 3 seconds. With scammers busy thinking up new ways to steal your money, how can you protect yourself and your family?
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