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Medicare Card
As the federal government undertakes a major initiative to issue new identification cards to the Medicare beneficiaries in Hawai‘i and nationwide, an AARP survey finds that a majority of those enrollees are at risk of being victimized by fraud schemes designed to capitalize on the card replacement program.
Medicare Enrollment Form and a red pen
Medicare Annual Enrollment runs through December 7, and it’s a banner time for Medicare fraud.
Medicare Cardslant
Fraud Background Conceptual Design.
Hi blog readers!  It's Heather Heppner with the AARP Illinois Communications Team back with your Tuesday health care post.  This week we're focusing on Medicare fraud - and that important piece of mail you receive every quarter as a Medicare beneficiary that serves as your best ally in the fight against Medicare fraud. 
Tips to combat fraud.
AARP New Hampshire’s volunteer fraud fighters are trained to speak to community groups about how to outsmart scammers and prevent Medicare fraud.
AARP Mississippi Celebrated the 48th Birthday of Medicare by launching the first in a series of "commonsense solutions" videos.
Yesterday, AARP Mississippi released the first in a “commonsense solutions” series of new videos on the 48th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson signing Medicare into law on July 30, 1965. Mississippi has 369,000 residents who rely on Medicare for their health care coverage, on average spending $5,000 of their income on out-of pocket health care costs.  AARP’s Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond released the following statement with the video: To see the full video click here.
A series of forums will help Arkansas residents who are interested in learning more about ways to protect themselves from scams and how best to prepare for retirement.
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