medicare in arkansas

AARP Arkansas State Volunteer President Charlie Wagener in a column published Feb. 13, 2017, in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette—" Wrong direction: Medicare vouchers a bad idea"—explains  the serious risks that current and near-future retirees would face if Medicare is changed into a voucher system.
At AARP, we believe Medicare is a deal with the American people that must not be broken.
AARP invites you to join our growing number of County Advocacy Contacts (CACs). We are building a group of advocates in all 75 counties to help the voice of Arkansans 50 plus be heard on important issues like the health care Private Option, Social Security, Medicare and caregiving.
May 13-14 AARP Arkansas Advocates briefing
AARP has initiated an effort to build a strong network of county-level advocacy contacts across Arkansas, and momentum continues toward a goal of comprehensive state coverage.
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