Prescription medicine and money
Congress did a good thing earlier this year when it passed a law that helps millions of seniors save money on prescription drugs. But now lobbyists for big drug companies are working overtime to persuade lawmakers to renege on the deal.
AARP celebrated their 60 years anniversary at the Lynchburg ballpark on Thursday, July 12th. The Hillcats played the Potomac. AARP staff and volunteers were out there in full force to engage with the game attendees on the importance of voting in this Novembers elections and provided information on brain health.
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More and more patients are hearing the words “regenerative medicine” but don’t know what it means in terms of their care. And billboards and advertisements are popping up for stem cell therapy, but there are still misconceptions about it and how it works.
Prescription drugs can improve your life or even save it, yet roughly half of Americans don’t take medications as prescribed, leading to 125,000 deaths annually and an additional $100 billion in hospital costs.
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Tim Morrissey, Public News Service-WI
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Under a law that takes effect Jan. 1, advanced practice nurses in Illinois will be allowed to prescribe medications, diagnose ailments and refer patients to specialists and therapists. In addition, they will be able to determine disabilities for identification cards and license plates.
AARP and MCPHS University are working together to publish and promote tips and tools on medication management.
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