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Many family caregivers manage money or property when a loved one cannot. AARP Texas and the advocacy group Texas Appleseed have released a tool kit that can help caregivers safeguard their relatives’ assets and avoid unintended conflicts of interest.
Did you know that there are low income seniors and persons with disabilities right in your own community that need your help? With compassion, patience, and a few hours each month, you can make a difference. Consider volunteering with the Massachusetts Money Management Program .
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“We want people to understand that if they want to have a happy retirement they need to be happy before they stop working,” said Kelvin Boston in opening the recent AARP DC financial security seminar “Joyful Retirement: Planning for your Future” that was offered  at AARP headquarters. Boston, was the seminar moderator and host for the public television program “Moneywise.” Boston further stated, “A lot of us think that we have to acquire things and reach certain goals and after we do that we’re going to be happy but the research shows that you have to be happy before you reach those things.”
With one week left to go, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers are busier than ever – helping thousands of Bay State residents with their tax returns and questions.  As part of our ongoing spotlight series, we headed to the South Middlesex Opportunity Council in Framingham, where we met volunteers TC Kung and his wife Shirley. As a team, TC and Shirley dealt with a group of clients young and 'older' and from varied backgrounds, garnered from the community's diverse population.
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With the budget debate set to begin next week, we’re taking a look at another important program that helps the commonwealth’s most vulnerable seniors: Elder Protective Services.
Volunteer Shirley Hayes of Brewster.
Do you make New Year's resolutions?  Whether your list is short or long (or nonexistent!), consider adding some community service to your busy schedule. You don’t need to have a specific skill, or even a lot of time. AARP Massachusetts has a wide range of volunteer opportunities – and they all have one thing in common: making a difference. Find ways to give back – to your loved ones, to your community, and to society at large.
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Imagine performing life changing assistance, for just a few hours a month. Thousands of dedicated individuals do just that, as volunteers for the Massachusetts Money Management Program. Cosponsored by the AARP Foundation , Mass Home Care , and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs , the Massachusetts Money Management Program is a free service that assists low-income elders who might be at risk of losing their independence due to their inability to pay basic rent, food and utility bills on time. Volunteers help as bill payers, representative payees, and monitors.
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The Massachusetts political climate always changes, but at the State House, one constant remains – the importance of the annual budget .
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