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It’s been 100 years since the United States entered World War I. Although the war began in August 1914 (and ended in November 1918), the United States stepped in during April of 1917. Since New York was so heavily involved in the war – this was the state that contributed the most number of soldiers, provided the most tons of supplies and raised the most money – a couple of efforts have been made to honor the centennial of WWI and, specifically, remember New York’s experience with WWI.
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The long stretch of old mills lining the Merrimack River in Manchester makes it clear something big went on here. But did you know these mills, started in the 1830s, became one of the world’s largest textile manufacturing plants? Or that Native Americans fished upriver 11,000 years ago?
chicano movement
In the 1960s and 1970s, Colorado was at the forefront of El Movimiento, the fight to end discrimination and promote civil rights for Chicanos. The Chicano movement in Colorado was a hard-fought struggle to gain social and political power through education. Some believe it is still being fought to this day.
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Escape to Dreamsville, USA — as Dennison was nicknamed during WWII — and experience a simpler, happier time in our nation’s history.
AARP Night at the Colorado Mammoth
Rookwood Pottery/iStock photo
There is no wonder why Rookwood pottery is on display in a museum. Why people are enchanted by its beauty. The unaltered process to make such art endures to this day.
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AARP Georgia and The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc. (NCCHR) are unveiling a special discount to AARP members as part of NCCHR’s inaugural year membership campaign.
Gadgets and gizmos from the world of espionage fill an exhibit that opens March 29 at Pacific Science Center in Seattle.
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