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Growing up in Louisiana, AARP volunteer Norman Bell was incredibly accustomed to sharing with friends and family. On a daily basis, he would watch as his neighbors exchanged items from their garden with his parents and vice versa. Norman found comfort in watching wholesome relationships develop in his neighborhood and knew that he wanted to emulate the same compassion and friendliness as he grew up. Witnessing this selflessness as a child inspired Bell to commit his life to helping others, and he has undoubtedly fulfilled that mission throughout his career and long-term involvement with AARP Ohio.
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It’s National Volunteer Week! During this week AARP in Ohio pauses to recognize the amazing things our volunteers throughout the state do for those 50+. From visiting elected officials to helping people protect themselves from fraud to bringing caregivers together for information and support, our volunteers make a positive impact in and for their communities every day.
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When AARP makes a difference in the community, the result can be credited to the passion and dedication of our volunteers. Volunteer service is a unique and valuable contribution that benefits both the volunteer and society.
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It’s National Volunteer Week and the entire team at AARP Tennessee is grateful to have so many volunteers who generously share their abilities with us. Here’s a special message from AARP Tennessee State President Donna Dean.
Happy National Volunteer Week! AARP is incredibly grateful for all of our volunteers who dedicate their time and enthusiasm to our programs. Our volunteers come from all over the state of Minnesota to help their communities receive the benefits and knowledge of AARP.
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Your Time Makes a World of Difference!
Melrose resident Jane Ahern-DeFillippi is no stranger to volunteering her time and talents for AARP Massachusetts. For many years, she has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for those aged 50 and older. Once again, Ahern-DeFillippi joins 800 volunteers participating in Life@50+ │ AARP’s National Event and Expo to be held May 8 through 10 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.
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As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, AARP Kentucky would like to recognize the many Kentuckians who go above and beyond the call of duty to make life better for others.  Nearly a million Kentuckians volunteer their time and talents to strengthen their communities and improve the lives of others.
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According to recent AARP research, roughly 63 million Americans volunteer with an organization in their community every year. That is an astounding number of individuals who give freely of their time, energy, and passion to help individuals in need and strengthen our communities.
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