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Medicare Card
Guard your new Medicare card as carefully as you protect your credit card, and make sure your medical providers use your new Medicare number when they bill for services.  These were two of the many valuable points made by AARP volunteer Ridge Multop during his “Medicare 101” presentation at Kings Park Library in Burke, Virginia, on August 15.
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AARP Delaware Joins in Campaign to Help Keep Scammers from Conning Enrollees
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A law passed in 2015 requires Medicare to remove Social Security numbers from Medicare cards. Beneficiaries will begin to receive their new cards in May, and the rollout will continue into 2019. This is a good move, since Social Security numbers are the key to identity theft, and having them displayed on Medicare cards has long presented a risk. Unfortunately, scammers have come up with ways to take advantage of this change.
Medicare Card
WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the federal government undertakes a major initiative to issue new identification cards to the Medicare beneficiaries in Michigan and nationwide, an AARP survey finds that a majority of those enrollees are at risk of being victimized by fraud schemes designed to capitalize on the card replacement program.
Beginning April 1, 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin mailing NEW Medicare cards to all people with Medicare health insurance.  CMS, Delaware's Division of Health and Social Services, with other statewide partners, will be presenting information about this and many other services available to Delaware residents with Medicare. Mark your calendar, and bring a friend:
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